Medicine Iowa - online magazine

Custom wordpress theme for a publication that is mainly distributed in a print format.

Type of project: Custom wordpress theme

Website: Medicine Iowa

Medicine Iowa is a quarterly magazine published by UI Health Care that needed an online presence. We decided that the best approach would be to build it using Wordpress with a custom theme.

##The brief

One of the main requirements for the new website was to have the articles organized into issues. I decided to design the front page to mimic as much as possible the printed version and to focus on readability and a clean line for the individual article view.


I created a custom post type for issues so that I could group articles by issue and I used the Sideways8 Simple Taxonomy Images plugin that assigns an image for a taxonomy. This image is used as the background for the front page. This way I could replicate the look of the printed magazine. One of the challanges was to have the color of the title change color automatically, based on the color of the background image. This way the title would be legible regardless the color of the background image.

I am using tags to style and display the feature articles proeminently on the cover and the rest of the articles are displayed below, sorted using the categories.

##The Details

I chose Freight Sans Pro & Freight Text Pro as I love the personality of this combination. Freight Text Pro is great for body text and Freight Sans Pro works beautifully for headers.

The website is responsive with a simple yet pleasant and readable layout for smaller devices.

There are a few different themes for articles:

Light article theme

Light article theme

It was really fun working on this project as it posed a few interesting and challanging problems and I think it turned out great.