Accesorii de Nunta - web store

Custom e-commerce theme and functionality built using ZenCart.

Type of project: Ecommerce store built with ZenCart

Website: Accesorii de Nunta

This is an online web store selling wedding accessories and catering to the romanian community.

The theme was built form the ground up and this was a little bit of a struggle - ZenCart is not exactly built with best practices in mind when it comes to the way the themes work. The API can be significantly improved but I think this project was a success. Once you get the hang of it everything goes smoother.

##User engagement

I am really happy with the design decisions I made for this project. The main focus was to engage the visitors regardless of the platform they use to access the website. I can be very confident when I say I achieved my goals. The average bounce rate for the last year is 37.7% with 6.79 pages per session. Really happy with that.

I chose Myriad Pro as the main font as I think it goes very well with the color scheme and the clean, modern aestetic.