My experience transitioning from MediaTemple to Linode

16 Jun 2014

tldr; Linode offers great value and I highly reccomend them !

I have been a Mediatemple customer for the past 7 years - since 2007. I started with their Grid service and then migrated to a 1GB DV a few years ago. My migration to DV was prompted by constant decrease in performance that I was experience on their grid. Performance issues were solved after migrating and actually they have been very accommodating when I had to migrate. I think they actually helped me with the migration.

I don’t host a lot of websites and the websites that I have are not hight profile - highly trafficked websites. So I always felt like paying ~$45/month for hosting is a bit too much. Their smallest DV plan is $50/month but I had a 20% discount so it ended up being $40/month + $5/month for an extra IP.

I don’t think the Godaddy acquisition changed anything with their service but I really wanted to pay less for hosting so I started looking for other options.

It was a little bit daunting to migrate all my websites but I decided to make the switch to Linode. I settled on the 2GB plan (2GB RAM, 2 CPU cores, 48 GB SSD storage) which is (at the time of the writing) $20/month.

In order to get something from MT you’d have to pay $50/month so that’s a substantial saving.

What I like so far

The migration was painless. Their documentation is great and easy to follow. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience administrating a server you should be able to follow along and set up everything.

The Speed: I always had problems with slow Time to First Byte. This can be caused by different reasons but since migrating to Linode my TTFB has improved significantly. One service that you can use to test that is .

Their support: is really great. Mediatemple is known to have great support but I haven’t experienced anything less from Linode.

Price: I am sure you can get cheaper hosting but their offering is really good. They don’t charge an arm and a leg for extras either.

The price comparison below is for (roughly) the same setup - 2GB of RAM

Linode MediaTemple (DV Developer)
Monthly: $20 $50
Snapshot backups: $5/month $20/month
Extra IP: $1/month $5/month

What I dislike

They don’t make it clear that the backups are an extra add-on. It comes bundled with your plan and you have to pay extra for it. The price is worth keeping it though ($5/month for the 2 GB plan)

Conclusion: You need to be familiar or have the willingness to become familiar with Linux and the command line in order to manage your server. The price is right and add-ons like extra ips or backups are inexpensive. The performance is great.

Linode just introduced a 1GB plan for $10/month, a great deal.

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