Oregon camping trip

10 Oct 2014

mt hood

At the beginnign of October I went to Oregon to attend Delight Conference and found that to be a great opportunity to go on a camping trip too.

We wanted to go to Bonney Meadow - a secluded campground with very little traffic but we couldn’t get there. The road was exposed and washed out and it was too late to just hike the 5-6 miles left to the campground. Next time I really want to get there :)

We had to go with the backup plan and camp at Trillium Lake the first night. Less than ideal but it’s a huge (and very commercial) campsite and it had availability. There were a lot of RVs and a few tents. It’s easily accessible and the view of Mount Hood from the lake is breathtaking.

trillium lake

After the night spent a Trillium lake we decided to go to the north side of the mountain and headed to Cloud Cap. The road to Cloud Cap was in good shape and the beautiful weather attracted a lot of hikers for the day. The parking lot was full (probably 30 cars) but most of them were gone by the end of the day. It’s probably a lot better during the week than it is on the weekends.

mt hood

The road to the campground is really spectacular - there was a fire a few years ago and the effect is quite spectacular.