Life of a Designer

Installing Let's Encrypt certificates on a Linode running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Apache

23 Mar 2016

I have a few domains hosted on my linode VM and I’ve been meaning to install ssl certificates for them. I had two options:

Usability testing tools

22 Dec 2014

Usability testing is one of those things that should be part of the design/development process but it seldom is.

Designer gift guide 2014

26 Nov 2014

Since I always have a hard time coming up with ideas for gifts I thought it would be fun to create a list of cool gifts for a designer. These are probably great gifts for anyone with good taste, not just designers :)

Oregon camping trip

10 Oct 2014

mt hood

My experience transitioning from MediaTemple to Linode

16 Jun 2014

tldr; Linode offers great value and I highly reccomend them !